The term “brownfield” is widely used and can have a broad definition. TPLC recognizes a “brownfield” as a parcel of underutilized land that is, or could be, contaminated from historical and current industrial activities.

Some of the port lands are made up of brownfield properties due to decades of heavy industrial activities including metal works, chemical storage, coal yards and oil tank farms.

TPLC has partnered with the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the City of Toronto to address the contaminated properties. Although TPLC is the environmental steward in the port lands, all brownfield redevelopment is regulated by the MOE.

Examples of Brownfield Remediation

Pinewood Toronto Studios

Name: Pinewood Toronto Studios

Site Use: Canada’s largest film and media production complex.

Previous Use: Large vacant property, underutilized polluted site. Lands formerly housed oil storage depot.

Accomplishment: Pinewood Toronto Studios will be much more than the anchor for future development. It is a showcase for converging creative, media and knowledge-based companies in a new community. It significantly enhances Toronto’s competitiveness in the film and media industry, and attracts high-value employment to the City of Toronto. Moreover, the project has kick-started the revitalization of the port lands area on Toronto’s waterfront.

Through innovation, leadership and a clear strategy, TPLC attracted this development to the port lands – the first private sector investment in revitalizing Toronto’s waterfront.

Canpar Relocation – 40-acre Brownfield

Name: Canpar

Site Use: 184,000 sq.ft. parcel sortation and distribution facility.

Previous Use: A metal manufacturing plant dominated the 40-acre area. Derelict since the 1980s.

Accomplishment: Canpar was able to keep its jobs in Toronto in a new facility that could accommodate their major growth. The Canpar building is LEED certified and has been nominated for several awards. In 2006, Canpar and TPLC won the prestigious Canadian Urban Institute’s Brownie Award for brownfield development. Finally, TPLC’s acquisition and redevelopment of this site created a 700% increase in tax revenues for the City of Toronto and freed up Canpar’s former site located on the east Bayfront on Toronto’s waterfront for mixed-use revitalization.