Cherry St Ship Channel Bridge

Ship Channel Bridge Construction Almost Complete

TPLC has been working with the Toronto Port Authority to do some much needed repairs to the understructure of the Ship Channel Bridge on Cherry Street.

The Ship Channel Bridge serves as an important structure that is critical to the flow of industrial traffic down in the Port Lands – as well as being a gateway for the public to Cherry Beach. Both lanes of the bridge will be open in a few weeks as this construction project is almost complete.

The bridge has been undergoing rehabilitation for more than three years. Brand new beams have been installed to the underside of the bridge. It was first built in 1930 and is a two-lane bascule bridge – bascule is a French term that describes the fact the bridge lifts with the aid of a large counterweight.

The bridge was closed for a short time in 2012 when it was discovered support beams supporting were weakened from wear and tear. Interestingly, beams on the eastern side of the bridge needed replacing more than those on the western side. Engineers determined the east side was more corroded because trucks carrying road salt from the Port Lands to the city always travel on the eastern lanes and would sometimes spill some of their load when going over the bridge.

TPLC and the Toronto Port Authority are working together to make sure this historic bridge meets modern-day safety standards and remains an important piece of infrastructure used by TPLC tenants and the public. Even after the maintenance work is is complete, the bridge will require ongoing upgrades to keep it operating and allow bulk materials to reach the Ship Channel.

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