It’s winter. The reds and golden-browns of autumn have been replaced with a stark white-and-black frozen landscape. Thanks to a strong El Nino, the weather has been surprisingly mild (although I’m glad the Salt Terminal is well-stocked, in case we’re hit by a major storm), but to many, winter is always cold, dark and lifeless.
I don’t see winter that way. For me, there’s nothing like a night of gently-falling snow as an opportunity for quiet personal reflection. Moreover, the days are (slowly) getting longer, and spring is just around the corner. And even in the dead of winter, there’s a lot happening in the Port Lands.
City officials are working with their colleagues at Metrolinx on plans to integrate Mayor Tory’s SmartTrack transit plan with proposals to expand GO Transit rail service. None of the details have been finalized, but when it’s built, SmartTrack will run through our neck of the woods, and make the Port Lands even more accessible to Torontonians.
The folks in the Creative Cluster are hard at work turning compelling stories into top-quality movies and television shows. Everyone at the TPLC was thrilled when we heard the news that two films (Room and Spotlight) shot in Toronto were nominated for Big Picture Oscars. In this issue of our newsletter, we’re going to shine the spotlight on SIM Digital, a valued tenant that plays an important nuts-and-bolts role in the creation of so much incredible, Canadian-made entertainment.
And I am pleased to announce that the Toronto Port Lands Company is now 30 years old. A lot has changed since we were founded as the Toronto Economic Development Corporation (TEDCO) a scant three decades ago. To create value on underutilized city lands, many polluted brownfields have been cleaned up and returned to productive use. And there’s now a vibrant sense of community among our tenants. That said, we’re still generating jobs and growth; we’re still committed to environmental conservation; and we’re still helping the City of Toronto with its bottom line by providing a financial dividend.
2016 is going to be an exciting year for the Port Lands. Happy Birthday, TPLC.
– Michael Kraljevic, TPLC President and CEO