On June 29th, TPLC President, Michael Kraljević met with a delegation including the Mayor of Karlovac, Damir Jelić and the President of the Croatian Regional Economic Agency, Viktor Šegrt on the occasion of their first visit to Toronto. The delegation was led by Caroline Spivak, a representative of Canada to the Council of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for Croats Abroad. The City of Karlovac, which is located in the northwest of the Republic of Croatia, 45 km southwest of the capital city of Zagreb with a population of approximately 55,000, is focused on advancing several key economic priorities including general economic development, building infrastructure and the construction of a new aquarium, “KAquarium” to help stimulate tourism to the area.

The delegation was particularly interested in TPLC’s deep experience in facilitating public-private partnerships and project management of significant commercial construction projects, history of innovative land use and overall urban economic development success as instructive examples on how to move projects from vision to completion in an efficient and economically feasible manner.

Link to original article: http://www.hrk.hr/gradonacelnik-jelic-u-ponedjeljak-posjetio-toronto/

Michael Kraljevic, President, TPLC, Viktor Šegrt, President, Croatian Regional Economic Agency, Damir Jelić, Mayor City of Karlovac, Caroline Spivak, Representative of Canada to Council for Government of RC for Croatians Living Abroad.
Ideas Exchange, Croatian Delegation visits TPLC.
Michael Kraljevic, President, TPLC and Damir Jelić, Mayor City of Karlovac.
Alan Kearsey, Senior Property Manager, TPLC tours Delegation through Corus Entertainment Building