Canpar Relocation

Canpar was a former TPLC tenant located on Toronto’s waterfront. As the City’s economic development corporation, TPLC (then operating as TEDCO) offered to assist in Canpar’s relocation to a new site to keep its jobs in Toronto and to accommodate the company’s major growth.

In 2006 Canpar relocated to a new 184,000 sq ft LEED certified parcel sortation and distribution facility. Located in South Etobicoke, the 40-acre site was once dominated by a metal manufacturing plant. By the 1980’s, all operations ceased and the buildings were torn down leaving the site derelict.

In addition to revitalizing the area and keeping jobs in Toronto, TPLC’s acquisition and remediation of this site created a 700% increase in tax revenues for the City of Toronto.

The Canpar building is LEED certified and was nominated for several awards. A number of sustainable design and construction elements were incorporated into the facility. Rainwater is collected for nonpotable use, while rooftop heat recovery units are used to capture waste heat. In addition, 25% of preexisting concrete was reused in construction and 95% of construction waste was diverted. Canpar became the first LEED certified building owned by the City through TPLC. In 2006 TPLC was awarded the prestigious Canadian Urban Institute’s Brownie Award for brownfield development for the Canpar facility.